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laugh is the first of  a new series of stand-alone snippets from larger stories. I share my musings on instagram, but posting larger pieces is a little inconvenient for the reader, and thus they find home here.

The whole office had noticed how distracted he had been the past few days. And not to mention, quite relaxed and lenient. While the office murmured and speculated about the reasons that brought about this change, he stared out the window at the crowds in the street. The hustle and bustle was audible even at the 15th floor. But he wasn’t listening, or looking. He was thinking. About her. She had suddenly become such an integral part of his life. He knew it wasn’t love at first sight. How crazy was that? No, no definitely not at first sight. Wait, love? Was he in love? For the past few years his relationships had never been serious. He couldn’t remember actually feeling this way about any lady he had been with. Ever.

Something else was tugging at his brain too. Just like the rest of the office, he wondered what had caused this change in his feelings. They had been on the Ferris wheel at the local carnival and she had told him stories about how she used to be scared to death of riding one when she was little. Then they had gone to that restaurant all the way at the other end of the city for simply pizza that they could’ve had anywhere else on the way but she had insisted that it wasn’t simply pizza and any other restaurant doesn’t make them as tasty as that one did. And then she had wrinkled her nose like she does when she finds his comments completely unreasonable. In a light hearted way though. After the meal he had silently agreed with her. Then the time they were sitting by the lake, barefoot and their feet dangling just inches above the water. He had said something, that she had found immensely funny. First she had widened her eyes as she took it in and then cracked up with that laugh of hers. Her brown eyes caught the rays of the sunlight and shone as crinkles gathered around her eyes and her mouth split into a wide smile and then a laugh. He couldn’t remember what he had said. Not after that smile and those eyes that he stared into spellbound for the time when she was laughing. Her teeth were straight, but not completely. Her front teeth just slightly angled. Her eyes, god her eyes. Normally they were a simple shade of brown, but in the sunlight, they danced and changed colours and sometimes even had a sunset of their own. And then her laugh. He had never heard any woman in his life laugh like that. It was a carefree and open laugh. An appreciative one. When she laughed, you felt special. It wasn’t that she rarely laughed and that they were hard earned. No. But when she did, it was so heartfelt that it just…simply made you feel special for having made her laugh like that.

He shook his head and tried to bring her out of his thoughts. Then he smiled and was a little bit at peace knowing what had intensified his feelings for her




My ONE Trick to Get Over the Writer’s Block!

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For me my bed is the place to get inspiration. I sit there  under the covers, with my laptop and a notebook to jot down random ideas that go away as soon as they arrive and a snack varying in the range of different flavors of chips or popcorn. Some say chips are unhealthy, but I mean hey, potatoes? they’re gooooood. And if you disagree, I’m sorry we will never be on the same page. Ever. I will eat potatoes in almost all shapes, sizes and method of preparation. Except mashed potatoes, those are a little harder to eat unless they’re with pani-puri. That by the way, is one of my all time favorite Indian recipe. They’re literally little fried bowls of goodness!

So I’m sitting there with a bowl of chips, munching normally at the start and eventually furiously as I shove handfuls in my face because there are no ideas, inspirations or epiphanies that are coming to me. Nothing. Zilch. uggghhhhhhh.

I even try switching to a different snack. Maybe the flavor of your food is associated with your little thinking grey cells and with my salted potato chips I am defying some law of biology or whatever. So I switch snacks to sour glow-worms and other candy. But there’s still no eureka moment.

I browse other blogs that I admire, but its not stuff that inspires me to write my musings and reveries.

So how the heck do I get over this writer’s block?


The first time I distinctly remember getting over it was a moment of pure joy and I had a sense of achievement. I had been sitting there, twiddling my thumbs, looking around at my room trying to think of stuff when a very random word popped in my brain. Coffee. So I’m like well, that’s still more progress I’ve made the past hour, let me just go with it. Okay, so coffee its going to be.

Then I sat there associating the word ‘Coffee’ with other words. Let me give you an example.


What is coffee? cold or warm, energizing, caffeine, brown, earthy-toned, in a mug, bitter, espresso, latte…

Why do people drink coffee? for the energy, um because it tastes good…

Where/in what context is coffee usually drunk? people meet for coffees, or go on coffee dates, i don’t even drink coffee, in winter because people want to warm themselves up, or the exact opposite even?


Then I picked three of my favorites: warm, coffee dates, winter.

And thus came up with one of the very first musings that I was quite happy with. It was simple, but effective. And here’s how I edited it with a photograph and my signature frame.


Here’s another example to guide your grey cells a little bit. The word that was swimming in my brain was – Vodka. But how do I create a musing out of this?


Describe it? clear, alcohol, drunk, tequila, shots?…..

Where/in what context is vodka usually drunk? celebration, happiness, party, when you’re going out, pre-cocktail party, heartbreak….


Then I picked some favorites again: drunk, heartbreak, and clear (it made me think of rain for some reason)

And thus came up with another one of my very first musings! I really did and still do love this one. I felt that it spoke volumes in just 1 sentence! And here’s how I edited this one with a photograph and my signature frame.


So that is my one trick to getting over the writer’s block. Let me break it down into three little steps for you.

  1. If your brain is giving you word(s) that make no sense. Grab them with both hands anyway to get to Step 2. If not just think of a completely random word that could get you going. And if your grey cells are still not budging just google a list of random words. That one is fool-proof!
  2. Describe the word, situation and anything else conventionally or unconventionally associated with it.
  3. Arrange those words in different orders and your brain will now be active enough to fill the missing gaps.


This can of course be expanded to several sentences or a paragraph even!

This method isn’t intuitive or even methodical to be honest. But it really works for me and if you find yourself stuck, give this a try. Maybe it works for you, maybe it doesn’t. But I’d love to hear your opinion on it anyway!

By the way, if you haven’t already, then follow me on Instagram. (@bymv_). Then you can get all my musings right in your feed and you can also show me some love and support haha! And before I wrap this one up, here’s to shameless self promotion! 😉







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I travel every week, from one city to another. Waiting at the train stations is a different kind of fun. I see all these faces that cross me everyday. Tourists, locals, businessmen, children, mothers, students, and so many more. I wait for my transport and wonder where they come from. What made them be here at this time. Where they’re traveling to. What are their regrets? Have they lost someone they loved? Are they broken inside? What are they running from? What are they running towards? What is the one thing they want to get from life?

The train slowly pulls up, and most of the people I had been wondering about climb aboard with me. Some are in the same coach and others scamper to different ones. I plug in my earphones, lose myself in the music.

    – and the questions go unanswered as the faces soon disappear at the station //


what my soul seeks is closure

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It takes a lot of work to step out from the past and into the present. Especially for those souls that crave closures and don’t get them. Despite all those conscious efforts and attempts, the mind lurks in those corners of the past like a ghost revisiting its site of death. Watching with keen eyes and hoping that perhaps this time, it will end differently.

– and of course, it never rests in peace //




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April: Book Case Browse

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If you’re new here, or still unfamiliar with the series then: This is a series in which I recommend and/or review a book that has impacted me without giving away the actual story (so you can still go and read it!).

Feature of the month: The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper

I read this one a little while ago and while the cover of the book made me fall in love with it, the book wasn’t exactly as promising. Arthur Pepper while cleaning out some sentimental items, stumbles upon a mysterious object that takes him on these crazy adventures. While the majority of the book was entertaining, there were certain parts that were too far fetched to be part of the adventure of a 70-something man. Patrick did a great job of building up to the climax of the book, but then it was a bit of an anti-climax for me. Okay, it was a sensible ending, but personally I would’ve preferred a bit more of an enlightenment, or a bit more of closure than what Patrick gave the readers.

To sum the book up in one sentence: It was a great read, but the ending was a bit of a bummer.





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I lose and find myself in this chaos each day. Created and broken down by people who pass. Vulnerability? No, I call it living. The ability to feel each breeze and the warmth of the sun isn’t gifted to everyone. They say, that to truly feel everything is a curse and a blessing. But for me it is euphoria. These searing sensations and impulses that begin their journey from my heart up to my toes are my gifts. I keep them wrapped up, away from harm. I might widen my eyes to your story of, oh I don’t know, taking a flight to Bali tomorrow. But inside – on the inside its a different story. My heart has fiercely leaped out of the cage where I lock it up in and is already in Bali. Breathing its air, visiting the beaches, the monuments, and soaking up the culture to its very core. Those who don’t feel the littlest of things, miss out on a lot, I say. Look at you, all apprehensive about this trip you’re taking tomorrow and my heart already aboard the flight. That’s the difference you see.