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Donuts, etc. 🍩

The second best thing after the soft, spongy goodness of a donut is




wait for it







Yes! Today on A Bright Canvas you all will be treated to the smooth, bubbly goodness of a soap. 

Before we start baking – oops, melting is what I meant – I just want to tell you a couple of things. |1| For the glycerine soap required, DO NOT and I repeat ABSOLUTELY DO NOT take commercial soap. They will melt in your double boiler after AGES, but when they’re ready they won’t be the right consistency and what’s worse is that they will have burnt. Please take a trip down to your local DIY store and buy their glycerine soap blocks. |2| Once you have created the soaps, DO NOT place them in the fridge again – they tend to go all soggy. |3| A microwave works just fine for the DIY too. Just keep pulling your container out at short intervals and stir the mixture.



white glycerine soap | donut mould(s) | soap color of choice (donut + icing)

  1. Cut the block of the white glycerine soap into tiny pieces. Place the pieces in a double boiler and wait for the soap to melt. Since it is white, when it is completely melted, it should look like “thick” milk.

2. Now I chose to keep my donut white. But if you want to make it brown, then add brown color into the melted soap. This can be followed by an essential oil (safe for skin of course) of your choice. That is optional, however.

3. Pour the mixture into your moulds and set them in the fridge for 15-20 minutes. Save a teensy bit for sticking the halves together.

4. Close to the 17 minute mark, begin to melt the teensy bit of soap you saved.

5. After 20 minutes, pop the donuts out of their moulds and stick the halves together by applying your melted soap in the center. (Tip: You might want to use up all of your saved liquid as none of the brown soap with be used further. If you, like me, picked a white donut then you definitely want to keep more of the liquid as you can now stain it pink for the icing.)

6. Place the stuck-on donuts in the fridge for a couple of minutes, while you melt more soap for the icing. Follow the same steps and instead of the brown color (if you added any) stir in your icing color.

7. Once the “icing” is the right consistency, remove the donuts from the fridge and dip one side into the icing. Et, voila!


grater | your choice of cupcake sprinkles

If you wish to garnish your donut and make it look like an extra-something, then you can garnish it in multiple ways.

The easiest approach would probably be getting out your cupcake sprinkles and going crazy.

Another cute look is taking some solidified brown soap that you created at the beginning and grating it on top of the donut.

And of course, you can opt for even cooler ideas like using your liquid-y soap colors to paint stripes, polka dots, etc on the donut. It is your bright canvas! (get it? hehe 😀 )










So, I know we only talked about donut soaps today. But taking the title into consideration, y’all might be wondering what the “etc” refers to. Well, today I plan on giving you more than just the donut. Scroll below to find out the recipes for the other two, yes TWO, soaps in the picture above!












clear glycerine soap | red soap color

  1. For this, repeat the whole soap melting and pouring into mould process described in the donut soap making. But instead of adding brown or your icing color or choice, add a red soap color into the clear glycerine soap.
  2. Then of course, pour the mixture into your mould. Leave it in to fridge for 15 minutes.
  3. At the 15min mark, remove them, pop em out and run like crazy to the bathroom for a shower.
  4. For this soap, using a soothing rose scented essential oil would be PERFECT.


Roly-Poly Rosy


bowl shaped chocolate mould | rose shaped chocolate mould | clear glycerine soap | red soap color

  1. Before you begin, ensure that your rose is big enough to cover the flat side of your “bowl” shaped mould.
  2. After you are convinced, repeat the Rose soap making process again. Like, all of it. But pour plain glycerine soap (with an essential oil if you like) into your egg container.
  3. Place both the rose soap and roly-poly soap in the fridge for 15-ish minutes.
  4. As your timer is close to ringing, cut out a tiny bit of soap and melt it. This will be used to stick together your rose and the roly-poly, so make sure it is just a TINY bit.
  5.  Stick the two halves together, stick them in the fridge for 2 minutes or so and then go take a nice bath!

Tip: I didn’t have any “bowl” shaped chocolate moulds lying around. The ones I did have very either too small or too shallow for the look I wanted. So I instead chose to use some egg containers. It was a bit hard to remove the soap since I couldn’t simply “pop” it out. So, instead, I used a spoon at its edges to make it go a bit softer and thus easily remove it. This created small marks on the side of the soap, but overall, I didn’t have to compromise with the look, so I was happy!


If you decide to recreate this then I would be more than eager to take a look at your creations. Simple post your creations on instagram with the hashtags: abrightcanvas and abrightcanvasdiy OR if Facebook is more your thing, then tag us (@A Bright Canvas) in your pictures / comments 🙂

Happy Creating!