A Bright Canvas, Musings


I travel every week, from one city to another. Waiting at the train stations is a different kind of fun. I see all these faces that cross me everyday. Tourists, locals, businessmen, children, mothers, students, and so many more. I wait for my transport and wonder where they come from. What made them be here at this time. Where they’re traveling to. What are their regrets? Have they lost someone they loved? Are they broken inside? What are they running from? What are they running towards? What is the one thing they want to get from life?

The train slowly pulls up, and most of the people I had been wondering about climb aboard with me. Some are in the same coach and others scamper to different ones. I plug in my earphones, lose myself in the music.

    – and the questions go unanswered as the faces soon disappear at the station //