time travel

I can hear the sparrows and other birds chirping outside my window. It’s calming me down because it transports me back to when I was little. I used to sit on swings, and fly far away – held back only by the chains. I used to close my eyes, feel the wind on my face as I went higher and higher and tune everything out but the nature. I felt every gust of wind, every sand piece that flew, I heard every chirp, squeak and the rustle of the leaves. I was one with the nature. Lost. And nothing else mattered. 

Today I’m sitting here preparing for my semester exams, longing to go outside barefoot. Longing to embrace my younger self and tell her that this moment of pure and utter happiness might not ever come in the same form again. And that you’ll long to have it more than you realize today. 


initial sign flower

picture shot at: Lucerne, Switzerland






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