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May: Book Case Browse

If you’re new here, or still unfamiliar with the series then: This is a series in which I recommend and/or review a book that has impacted me without giving away the actual story (so you can still go and read it!).

Feature of the month: Everything, Everything 

The movie is coming out on May 28th in the US so I figured now would be a good time to review the book. Firstly, just from the trailer I can tell you that the casting is not true to the book. I’ll probably still end up watching the movie because that’s who I am, but I’m not holding my breath because I know that once again the book hasn’t been done justice to.

Back to the story, it is kinda…cute, but I have read cuter books. I feel that the mother’s anguish could have been shown differently so that the readers could sympathize with her more. Maddy’s character could’ve been developed a bit more than it was. I mean, she was always at home but she had access to the internet, she wasn’t exactly limited as far as resources are concerned. The book made it sound like Maddy was living in the stone age or something. The concept itself is not to my personal taste, but I feel that nonetheless a much better book could’ve been written with the chosen story line. Yoon could have spent more time on certain topics to make the reader actually feel involved in the story as compared to a by-stander watching a movie on fast forward at times.

The characters weren’t as rounded as they should’ve been and there was very little focus on certain aspects that could’ve been brought to light much earlier. Overall, its a read for when you’ve run out of options and don’t want to use much brain.





What are your thoughts?

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